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Introducing the Sponsor A Senior Program!

If you’ve ever cared for a Senior Dobe, then you know these precious companions often need special food, vitamins, medicine, and vet care. These needs can get costly, especially for Doberman rescue groups who foster Senior Dobes and dedicate their work to make sure Seniors in their care are happy and healthy. If you’ve been reading about the Senior Doberman Project, then you may have thought to yourself that you’d like to help a Senior, but you haven’t the space in your home to adopt one. Well now you’ll have the chance to help a Senior!

Special Needs Dobermans has created the Sponsor a Senior program! You have a chance to help a Senior by making donations for those Seniors being cared for by rescue groups. Your donations will give a precious Golden Girl or Golden Boy the means to enjoy basic health care, medicine, and nutrition, so that their golden years will be filled with the treasures of a healthy life. It will also allow the rescue groups to preserve their financial resources so they can help yet more Dobermans who need rescuing.

How to Sponsor A Senior

1) Choose the Dobe(s) you'd like to sponsor:
View our “Seniors In Need” page by clicking on the menu link to the left. In that table of Dobes looking for homes, the last column will say if a particular Seniors needs sponsoring. Click on that Dobe's link to go to their page.

2) Determine how much money you'd like to donate for the senior(s):
You can donate the $40.00 for one month, or $480.00 for the whole year, or any sum in between.

3) Send Payment, using PayPal or mailing a check:

  • PayPal Instructions: Use the PayPal button on each Dobe's page to sponsor that particular Senior. If you would like to sponsor more than one Dobe, or if you cannot decide which Dobe to sponsor, you can use the “Sponsor A Senior General Fund” PayPal button below and the Senior Doberman Project will allocate the resources based on the greatest need.

Use PayPal To Help The Sponsor A Senior Dobe!! 
  • Check Instructions: Make your check payable to Special Needs Dobermans and mail it to:

    Special Needs Dobermans
    Attn: Sponsor A Senior Program
    144 Road 2776
    Aztec, NM  87410

    Include on the comments section of the check (or send your own note with the check) the name of the Dobe(s) you are sponsoring. If it is for more than one Dobe, please indicate how much of your donation is for each Dobe. 

Please indicate on your PayPal note or when writing a check whether you would like to make your sponsorship In Honor of or In Memory of a Doberman or another designee.  Let us know whether you would like to be named as a Sponsor on the Seniors Web Page.

The Senior Doberman Project will send your contact information to the rescue group receiving the funds so that they can provide you with regular updates on the Senior's condition, recovery progress (if the Dobe was injured or was abandoned and in poor health), and overall cuteness! Thank you very much for participating in this much needed program, the help you give will benefit all the Dobermans in the rescue programs involved!


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