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Add Your Senior!

Here's how to tell us about your senior Dobes:

To add a Senior to the Senior Doberman Project contact Debra McMahan at Please include the following information:

Rescue Group:
Adoption, Sponsorship, or both:
Area you adopt to:
Any special needs:

Please attach to the email at least two good photographs in a large file size. Photos of about 1MB are best. A clear body shot (we can crop a good head shot from this) and additional head shot will show your Senior best - these should be without lit up eyes from the camera flash. Cute photos are excellent and bring in the best results. Also include a short paragraph about your Doberman for their webpage.

Please note: The Senior Doberman Project limits its listings to only purebred senior Dobermans. AKC or other kennel club registration is not a requirement, but we do ask that all participants use their best judgment in determining whether a potential candidate for listing in the SDP is a purebred before submitting a senior for inclusion in the project. Thanks!

If you need any help in filling out the form or if you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Thanks for caring for these marvelous Seniors!!

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