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How to Make a Donation

We can't help Special Needs Dobermans without donations from caring individuals! All donations are tax deducible, and every single donation is used to help a Doberman. No amount is ever too small! Our address is at the bottom of this page and on our Contact Us page. Please keep a record of your SND donations for tax purposes. Cancelled checks and PayPal receipts are sufficient for tax purposes but you will also receive a receipt from SND (usually via email) before the IRS deadline of the 31st of January of the following year.

How to Make A PayPal Fee-Free Donation

If you have a PayPal account and you want to make a "Fee-Free" donation (and who wouldn't ??:))

Here are the ways you can direct your money, the different ways to donate, and the payment methods we accept:



Northern California Doberman Rescue is a member of our Pilot Program Direct to Rescue Fund.  They are starting their Fall Fund Drive by appealing to their supporters.   These funds are used to support and maintain the rescue's critical mission to save as many Doberman lives as possible.  Click on the DONATE button below and your gift will be earmarked for NorCalDR!!  To keep your donation fee-free, use the above instructions and specify NorCalDR in the note section.  The Dobermans and their RescueAngel Dana Johnson thank you!!

General Fund - Northern California Doberman Rescue!! 

The SND GENERAL FUND - we use the money in this fund to provide assistance to every Special Needs case that we accept. We will disburse this money on an as needed basis depending on the needs of the Dobe and size of the General Fund at that time. Our goal is to spend all of the General Fund money on our cases, keeping some aside for future cases. Simply note on your check that the money is for the "SND GF". You can use PayPal to make an online donation with a credit card. Use this link:

General Fund!! 

The SND SENIORS MEDICAL FUND - You can also choose to help Seniors that come to us with special needs. Any Senior Doberman that has special medical needs is eligble for SND financial assistance. The Seniors Medical Fund was created with an idea by Michelle Lewis of LeMils Dobermans - The Senior Medical Fund operates like the SND General Fund but is reserved For Seniors Only and augments the assistance we can provide from the SND General Fund. You can use this PayPal button to make an online donation. You can also donate by mailing a check simply noting on that the money is for the "Senior Medical Fund.

Seniors Medical Fund!! 


SND CASES - You can also make a donation to help a specific SND case . Every cent donated directly to a Dobe will go to that Dobe, we won't transfer any of this money to the General Fund. Simply write the Dobes name in the memo line of the check and SND will make sure it goes to the care of that Dobe. You can find a PayPal Donate link on each SND case page.

SPONSOR A SENIOR - you can make a donation to help Rescue Groups with the maintenance costs for Senior Dobermans in their care - Just $40.00 sponsors a Senior Dobe for one month. SND forwards this money directly to the appropriate Rescue Group. Choose the Senior you would like to sponsor here Seniors In Need .


The SND ADMINISTRATIVE FUND - As we all know, all organizations have admin expenses... Because of our pledge that "All proceeds go to Dobes in need..." we are faced with the growing administrative costs it takes to run a non-profit -- ALL $$ TO DOBES -- organization. We are an ALL volunteer organization and always have been - and, hopefully will continue to be! In the past, ALL of these costs have been personally covered by SND Board Members. As SND has grown, so have these costs. Our volunteers donate their time and have donated the cost of the basic supplies too -- no frills! These fees include PayPal, eBay, internet name and web hosting, fund-raising activities (takes $$ to raise $$), capital investment in SND Store merchandise, toll-free telephone, printing and postage - plus many other incidentals too long to list here. Your support for this fund will help us stay in the business of helping SNDobes!!

Administrative Fund!! 


DONATE TO ANY OR TO ALL!! - if you would like to send money to the General, Seniors Medical, Admin Funds, specific Genera; Fund case or specific Sponsor A Senior Dobe, simply make a note on the check on how much goes to each or include a note with the donation. Checks that are sent to us with no instructions will go to the General Fund. If you are using PayPal, make a donation to your Fund of choice and make a note on the donation form what portion should go to each fund or a specific case.



Direct contributions - simply send in a check to SND and make a note telling us how you want it spent (refer to the categories above). Our address is given below. You can also use PayPal to donate online with a credit card (see above).

Win an auction - we will have special fund raising auctions listed on eBay whenever possible. These auctions will benefit SND General Fund, a specific General Fund case or one of our other funds listed above. Here is a list of our current auctions.

Match funds for an auction - we will occasionally open an auction for matching funds. You can make a donation by matching a fraction of the winning bid on an auction. For instance, we once had a beautiful wall hanging quilt priced at $300. An SND member let us know that they would match that winning bid 10 cents to the dollar. The winning bid amount at the end of the auction was $300, this member donated $30 to SND. We accumulated 80 cents on the dollar in matching bids for this quilt. Using matching bids allows you to participate in an auction that may be out of your price range, and equally important, raise interest in that auction. No amount is ever too small!

Donating items - We are currently unable to accept item donations without prior contact with our SND Auctions Gnome . If you have an item you feel will raise extraordinary funds. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss a particular item - a description and a picture would be most helpful.

Donate your time - There are so many ways you can help SND. Tell your family and friends about us! Spread the word on any canine related mailing lists or groups. Anything to raise awareness of these Dobes and the SND effort to help them! Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any ideas or would like to pitch in!

Merchandise - We have re-opened the The SND Store with a limited selection of our SND Logo and Yin Yang items to raise SND funds. We will be having periodic sales where we will also sell our popular clothing items so stay tuned for the best selection! If you have ideas for other products we can sell, please contact the SND Store Gnome . We'd love to hear from you!



We accept credit cards via PayPal (see above), personal or company checks, money orders, and cashiers checks. Please keep a record of your SND donations for tax purposes. You can mail donations to SND at the address given below.


Please mail any donations or correspondence to:

144 Road 2776
Aztec, NM  87410

A complete list of contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.


Some states may prohibit or restrict the solicitation of donations via the Internet or web sites. SND has no intention of violating the laws of any state and, therefore, does not intend to solicit funds in those states that prohibit or restrict such solicitations.

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