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We are very happy to share with you the first SDP article published in The Doberman Digest, Volume VII Number 2 (December, 2002). We'd also like to thank the Digest for making eight full pages available for featuring our senior friends who desperately need loving homes. The first page is an introduction to the SDP, it is reprinted below for your enjoyment. The remaining seven pages listed seniors, two per page. Links for those senior's pages here on this website are below. Since this article was submitted to the Digest, two of our seniors (Pixie in MO and Raisin in FL) have been adopted! This is only the beginning of this project, with your help we will be able to find even more senior Dobes the homes that they so richly deserve. We would also like to thank SDP coordinators Jamie Lilleskau and Dina Sellers, and COPE member Amy Wukotich for their incredible efforts putting this project together!

By Connie Martin and Nina Armsrtong

With this issue of Doberman Digest, we welcome you to the debut of The Senior Doberman Project, collaboration between Doberman Digest, DPCA's COPE/Rescue Committee, and Special Needs Dobermans (SND).

The purpose and goal of the Senior Dobe Project is to raise awareness of the numerous older Dobes in rescue, and facilitate communication between prospective adopters and the rescue community in order to advance the placement of seniors in forever homes. To achieve this, rescuers submit information about the seniors in their care and available for adoption, Doberman Digest will regularly publish the information, and SND will create and maintain an online database at specifically for these senior Dobes. If you would like your senior Dobe included in the Senior Dobe Project, please send the information to SND via an online form at the Senior Dobes website above, or by email to, or by postal mail to: Senior Doberman Project, P.O. Box 10932, Arlington, Virginia, 22210.

Quoting from DPCA's website, "The DPCA COPE/Rescue Committee exists to encourage discrimination in breeding, educate the public about the plight of the Doberman and empower others to provide humanely for Dobermans in distress." Their missions of education and empowerment are clearly evident with this project and with the participation of the rescuers listed in the COPE Doberman Rescue Directory (

Special Needs Dobermans (SND) is a non-profit tax exempt organization of diverse people holding the common goal of helping senior and special needs Dobermans. The need may be financial assistance with extraordinary medical expenses; it may be provision of information and/or emotional support for the owner of a Dobe with a serious illness or injury; it may be aid in fostering and re-homing senior Dobes. Dobermans helped by SND have been in shelters, in rescues, and much loved in-home companions. The sole common denominator among all "SND Kids" is need. Funding of SND's efforts is made possible through donations, online auctions, and other charitable fund-raising efforts.

Doberman rescuers everywhere have worked tirelessly and unselfishly to save and care for the precious seniors. Doberman Digest, DPCA/COPE, and SND have joined together in a far-reaching effort to help rescuers find forever homes for the Grand Old Ones. We all look forward to the day when there will be no more seniors in rescue and we have only their "Happy Tail" success stories to tell.

So let's get started! Below are the very first seniors in the Senior Dobe Project. The information provided is limited by space available, but each rescuer will be happy to provide you with more detail. Every rescuer wants to ensure these Dobes find caring and suitable homes; adoption application information and procedures, including any geographic limitations for placement, are established by each rescue organization. This information is available on the rescuers' websites and by contacting them directly. We hope you'll find your perfect fireplace hearth companion in this issue, because in the next issue we want to add several Happy Tail success stories.

Reprinted with permission from the publisher, Doll-McGinis Enterprises, Inc., and Special Needs Dobermans. All rights reserved, no part of this article may be reprinted without the express written permission of the publisher and Special Needs Dobermans.

The following senior Dobes were featured in this issue of The Digest, click on their names to view their full stories:


Since the publication date, we have added four more Dobes to our list. Please visit the Seniors In Need page to see if you can help any of these kids!

There is an additional Dobe in the Digest article, Braveheart in California. Braveheart was asked to be added to the article, and we were all too happy to seem him listed. He is a five year old boy that has lived an unbelievable life of abuse. The good news is that with the wonderful care of the Aztec Doberman Pinscher Club, Braveheart has been adopted!! We're very happy to hear this and we wish him nothing but the happiest of lives!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our combined efforts to find our senior friends new homes. Please spread the word about our project! The more people that know about these Dobies, the better the chance they have of being adopted. Equally as important, we need to find out about as many seniors needing rescue as possible. You can use the links at the top left of this page to find out how you can help or to tell us about a senior you know about.

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