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Please be advised that we no longer accept applications for financial assistance to private owners as of 15 March 2013. We will still provide information on fundraising and other concerns as we always have. Please refer to our contact and "Help" pages for more information.

Winter/Spring Newsletter Now Available!!

Because of the general economic realities all of us are facing, and Rescues bearing the brunt of people "giving up" - SND has decided that the way to help the MOST Dobermans within the means at our disposal - is to take this measure of focusing help where it is most needed. 

Fortunately, the fundraising landscape for private individuals has changed dramatically over the last 12 years. The increased use of CareCredit for veterinary expenses, the advent of Facebook, and the growing use of “social media” by individuals seeking support for their Dobes have come together to provide many alternatives for individuals to raise funds where once only SND was available.

The funds coming in from the owner’s sources and efforts do not begin to cover their needs. The General Funds can no longer support this keep this arm going. This has always been a disproportionate time and energy drain on the entire SND group. Few private owners assist in their own fundraising to offset what grants have been provided. Some merely do not wish to incur debt on behalf of their Dobes as many of already do. This change places the responsibility back in the hands of those who now have the resources to reach out and fund their needs. It's easier for people to ask friends and family for help than it has become for an organization like SND to raise funds from strangers for strangers.

To assure that the reduced available funds would help the most needy of cases SND management concluded that there needed to be a more focused effort to support rescue.

SND is NOT a rescue organization but because we work closely with many Rescue Groups, we may be able to assist in guiding you to a reputable rescue group in your area. Please use our email address for information. Please give your geographical location and state the nature of your request so we may be prepared to assist in any way we can.


We have accumulated a great store of information regarding issues related to Doberman health and behavior and we would be happy to share those with and point you to other valuable resources on everything Doberman! Please feel free to inquire by using our email address. Please give your geographical location and state the nature of your request so we may be prepared to assist in any way we can.


Getting Help for Dobermans in Rescue

The QUICKEST way to get a response from SND is to send an email to stating the nature of your request.  Include your location so we may be prepared to respond as soon as possible.  Requests to our info address are usually answered within the hour and always answered within 24 hours.

SND conducts ALL of its assistance activities via email communications.


Special Needs Dobermans is an organization that seeks to provide financial assistance for Dobermans with extraordinary medical expenses who are in the care of Rescue Groups. If you are applying for financial assistance for one of your Dobermans, please download and complete our Application for Assistance. The application should be completed in its entirety and returned as an attachment in Word (or compatible document format) - no PDF or scanned images please! If you have difficulty with this process, please email us at and we will embed our application in our reply for your convenience. Be sure to include a picture of the Doberman with your application.

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