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Current Fund Raising Auctions

SND has an ongoing series of auctions to help raise money for our Doberman assistance efforts. This is in addition to the direct donations made by our members and other concerned people. Please feel free to spread the word about SND and especially these auctions! Anyone can bid, you don't have to be a member of SND to contribute to helping Special Needs Dobies. This money will be well spent! Every penny of winning bids will be spent on Dobes in need so 100% of your bid will go to a Dobe!

Our auctions are run on eBay. This greatly expands the number of people we can reach with our auctions and hopefully generates more bids. Getting an eBay account is very easy and safe, and requires no financial information if all you want to do is bid on items. We encourage everyone that doesn't have an eBay account to give it a whirl! If you have any questions about it, feel free to email us at We will highlight our auctions on this web site and cross-post announcements to other organizations and email lists.


We always have great items so DobeLovers can shop for special gifts while helping - Dobermans!! SO, let us help you do your DobeShopping with us!! We have grrreat items that will make wonderful, memorable gifts ANY time of year and will help SNDobies at the same time!! You really can't do better than that!! Happy Anything SNDobies!! This is WIN-WIN!! Be sure to check out each item!!

Anyone can view our current auction items by clicking the link below -- you don't have to have an eBay account to just view an auction. Thanks to everyone for their generous bids, we appreciate it very much! Thanks also go to all the wonderful people who have donated items for our fundraising - you help Dobes with each and every item!

Shop with confidence - SND is an eBay PowerSeller!

   View our current auctions!  

Thanks to everyone for their generous bids, know that every cent will be used to help Dobes!!


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Special Needs Dobermans is pleased to list Diamondback Drugs as a sponsored link! Diamondback Drugs is the premier veterinary compounding pharmacy in the country supplying specialized medicines in custom dosing and formulation for any need! Diamondback's owners Rory and Mike have been very generous to our SNDobies by discounting the specialized medications we purchase for our cases. When your vet needs a medication they think is unavailable, have them give our friends at Diamondback a call! Are your specialized meds costing you too much? Get a prescription and give Diamondback a call!! Visit them online at You'll be glad you did and we salute them for their support of our Special Needs Dobermans!!

Remember, by law, only medications for doses not currently available in brand name or generic may be compounded. Be sure your vet's prescription is for the exact dose for your Dobe's weight - a mg/kg dose which is exactly tailored to your Dobe instead of the "one size fits all" dosing normally dispensed.  Medications will be much cheaper if compounded this way.  Diamondback still offers a much better price for available strengths if that is what's needed.


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Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM has long been known as the "go-to" expert on thyroid function in canines, notably Dobermans. As founder of Hemopet she has provided the veterinary community with a blood bank and access to hematological diagnostic services. She has been associated with Greyhound rescue and adoption and has a warm spot in her heart for rescue organizations.  She can't seem to stop "giving back" and now she is offering a 10% discount for Hemopet services to 501(c)(3) Rescues!  THANK YOU Dr. Dodds!!  Please take a moment to visit Hemopet now - in addition to the services they provide, there is a wealth of information on canine health too in the many articles authored by Dr. Dodds!!  Support the companies that support you and your organizations!!  Visit here or click on their logo above

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Where Your Purchase Helps Support Rescue!

IMPORTANT: You must indicate "Special Needs Dobermans" in the message section during check out process.

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Please Support SND by using iGive/iSearch and GoodSearch/Shop to search or shop!!

Please Support SND by using iGive/iSearch and GoodSearch/Shop to search or shop - Shopping Amazon through GoodShop pays 1.5% to SND!!
Or, shop directly with Amazon Smile and they donate 0.5% to SND!!

Please visit this site once a day. Every click on the ARS button on that page
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