Welcome to doberman911.org, the website for Special Needs Dobermans (SND). We are an organization of people with a common goal of helping senior and special needs Dobermans. That need may be financial for Doberman Rescue Groups, or it may be only information and/or moral support for the owner of a Doberman with a serious illness or injury. We will also aid Rescue Groups in rehoming and fostering senior Dobermans they may place under their care. The financial aid we provide may come from donations, occasional online auctions or SND Store sales. Every precaution is taken to assure that the need is real.

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Please enjoy a beautiful tribute to Rescued Dobermans everywhere - brought to us by a believer!!
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The Senior Doberman Project

Special Needs Dobermans recognizes the difficulty in placing aging Dobermans in loving homes. Doberman rescue groups have worked tirelessly to save and care for these precious creatures, and we would like to help you find them forever homes. We publicize the plight of Senior Dobes in addition to creating a national database and website dedicated to senior Dobes in need of families. Special Needs Dobermans Senior Doberman Project provides the website for Rescue Groups for publicizing their Senior Dobes’ needs. The Doberman community is truly reaching out to address this crucial cause. Please visit our page at www.doberman911.org/seniors. Find out what's being done to help our senior friends!

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September 21, 2014 through September 27, 2014

Meet Mr. Harvey!!

Bring it on cancer!
I have so much love in my life, I'll kick your butt!!

Gentleman Harvey is a special Senior. Rescued from being chained in a back yard, where the owner was afraid of him, he has blossomed under the care of his foster parents. He is now a Doberman who helps other abused Dobermans recover from their pasts. He loves other dogs, even small ones. He is beloved by his foster parents and is house trained and trustworthy when left alone in the home. Margo of San Antonio Doberman Rescue says it best, "There has never been a dog who has made such a huge recovery and who means as much to SADAR." Harvey has also had some health problems to overcome such as an auto immune disease that required eye surgery and expensive drops to hold the disease in check. Now Harvey is facing his biggest challenge to date - a rare and aggressive cancer that required his rear leg to be amputated. He will also be starting chemotherapy for the cancer. To send Harvey a Senior sponsorship, please visit his page at http://doberman911.org/seniors/cases/tx_harvey.html.

You can learn more about Mr. Harvey and many other Seniors who need your support by going to http://www.doberman911.org/seniors/cases. Here you can also help Doberman rescues across the country with their Seniors by sponsoring a Senior Doberman for $40 per month or $480 per year. Our goal is to encourage Rescues to take in more Seniors by helping them with the day to day expenses for routine medical care or just extras like nice comfy beds and toys to make their golden years the best yet. It's a great way to honor the life's of these older Dobermans, many of whom never knew love or care during their younger years.

If you have any questions about Mr. Harvey or any of our other beautiful Seniors, please email us at seniors@doberman911.org. Thank you for your support!!


The Senior Medical Assistance Program

Special Needs Dobermans has placed a special focus on fundraising efforts to assist Senior Dobermans with their medical needs. Having provided a lifetime of love, devotion, and loyalty, these Seniors now find that they are faced with increasing debilitating medical problems. These loving seniors may be with a rescue group and seeking a forever homes or they may be in hospice care with their RescueAngels. Since the financial burden of providing necessary medical treatments is sometimes beyond the means of their caregivers, they apply to SND for financial assistance. While SND lists Seniors in Need both on our Newest Cases and on our Still In Need, we must help Seniors by reaching out to the Doberman community by raising funds for the Seniors Medical Fund.  This fund is exclusively for Senior Dobes in the care of Rescue Groups.   Here are four beautiful Seniors who have benefited from this great program:

  Rommel                  Sage               Gunther            Magnum

The SND General Fund


Special Needs Dobermans is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. We are able to help Dobermans thanks to the generosity of people like you!! Your donation to SND is tax deductible. All money donated on behalf of the Dobermans, every cent, goes towards their care.

The SND General Fund is used to get new Dobes that come our way some initial assistance. Donations made to this fund ensure that we'll always be able to help, now and in the future. Please consider making a contribution to the General Fund by using the PayPal Donation link below or by mailing in a donation. Thank you very much for helping us help Dobes in need!

General Fund!! 



* * * * SPECIAL NOTICE * * * *

Please be advised that we will no longer be accepting applications for financial assistance to private owners as of 15 March 2013.  We will still provide information on fundraising and other concerns as we update our "Help" pages.  You can read more about this program change in our latest newsletter - please click below!



September 17 , 2014  - Please read the latest SND News & Notes by clicking here Fall 2014 Newsletter.  We have lots of news and an advance notice of our upcoming SND Online Store Sale.  There are many precious Dobermans to view and to read about... and a surprise gratuitous puppy picture at the end!  Enjoy!!

August 29 , 2014  - We are most excited to announce the Lewis Senior Dobermans Challenge from Michelle Lewis, member of the DPCA Board and Desert Valley Doberman Pinscher Club. This challenge will raise $$ for Seniors in Rescue Groups! Please visit the Senior Doberman Project Page for more information at http://www.doberman911.org/seniors/ ... and then, join in!! THANK YOU!!


July 15, 2014  - On July 12, 2014, SND clocked in our ONE MILLIONTH DOLLAR - that's right, $1,000,000 - raised for Dobermans, every cent, since our beginning in 2001!!  We extend our utmost gratitude to all of our donors without whom this milestone would not have been possible!! THANK YOU!!

January 25, 2014  - 2013 Tax Receipts are flowing out now!!  The IRS deadline for these receipts is January 31st and we're on time to meet that requirement!  We will send donors a heads-up via Constant Contact to watch their emails for the receipt.  THANKS to all our donors!!

January 1, 2014  Secret Santa matched over $10,000 of your generous donations In Memory of Francine Case during 15-31 December 2013!!  THANK YOU to all of you kind donors who participated in this fund drive which helped Dobermans supported with General Funds, Seniors supported with Senior Medical Funds and provided Sponsorships for Seniors in Rescue who are listed by the Senior Doberman Project!! All the Dobermans you helped say HIP HIP HOORAY and Happy New Year to you and yours!!

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